The great Protein debate

The great debate; Plant verse Animal protein.

Each and every one of us requires 8grams of protein per kg of body weight. The average American consumes a huge 70-120 grams per person!! By these statistics if 120 grams were consumed this is appropriate for person weighing 33o pounds. Do you know your average weigh? do the maths, its highly like you are getting enough protein.

No one really gives a damn about protein until Im out to dinner and I quietly state to the waiter, Im vegan what have you got for me. From then on the questions fly. I could talk on this topic all night, but I wont. What I will say is protein deficiency in America is basically unheard of.

Food is nourishing and by the means of nourishment I mean it supplies us with the micro and macro nutrients we need. As we are talking protein I will state that there are 9 essential amino acids, we need and many plant based foods supply us with all of these.

  • quinoa
  • buckwheat
  • chia
  • hempseed

……… just to name a few

Some plant foods don’t have all the balance of the amino acids but if you consume a well rounded diet of nuts, legumes, fruit, vegetables and whole grains daily you are perfectly fine.

Animal proteins may have the essential amino acids but what comes with animal proteins is add on’s!! that being cholesterol, additional saturated fats, antibiotics and chemicals. All in which play havoc on the body and in particular the cardiovascular system. Plant proteins do have add on’s but they work to our advantage, as they are antioxidant, vitamin, mineral and fibre packed.

I like to work with facts, so lets use an example here

QUINOA – everyone has a different way of saying it, but we all know it!

a sample of 100 gram = 14 grams of protein + 25% of RDA of iron and vitB6 + 50% RDA of magnesium + 563mg of potassium + 6g of fat + 0 cholesterol

a sample of beef ( 1 steak) = 26 grams of protein + 14 % iron + 20% B6 + 5% of magnesium + 318 mg of potassium + 15 g of fat + 90mg of cholesterol.

( RDA recommended daily allowance)

Protein powders are always planted based for me and you will see I always travel with this in my bag – Im often explaining and showing the security officers inside my handbag!!

Micro and Macro nourishment can come from plants

I wrote to the Well co team congratulating them on their terrific Super Elixir green powder which is now a consist in my diet. In response to this they kindly sent me the new product – the protein powder. Within days this big stylist chocolate flavor protein powder arrived on my footstep. The container like The Super Elixir is almost to pretty to open.

The first port of call for me was to measure the teaspoons of sugar per serving, as I had recently discovered the protein powder my husband refused to switch from had a smacking 22 teaspoons per serve. I explained to him ( directly) that I will no longer make your shake with this so if you wish to have it you will make it yourself……. so now we are both on the good stuff. And this good stuff is Chocolate Nourishing Protein from Well co

The world of possibilities with this powder is huge. You can simply put a scoop in the easy to go shaker container or you can get a little fancy and blend up a seriously tasty recipe.

Before we get to the recipes think about your current diet and see if you are including these Plant Protein All-Stars. If you need some assistance you will find on the back of the Wellco Protein powder they have nailed it!
Green Leafy Vegetables
Algae (Spirulina, Chlorella)
Sprouts (particularly sunflower)
Goji berries
Hemp Seeds
Chia Seeds
Sprouted nuts/seeds
BroccoliRecipes to play with


Recipes for the powder

GOT TIME ON YOUR HANDS – use a Blender  

Acai berries

Camu Camu powder

Chocolate powder

Spinach leaves



Berries Blue or Raspberry

Coconut oil



TIME POOR – make and shake it 

Nut milk



Maca powder


Protein powder

Coconut flakes to decorate


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