Tracy Anderson

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Tracy Anderson stands alone in the fitness world as the fun, uber fit and all round cool Mum. I have occasionally done a few of her workouts in hotel rooms, but I had never done a studio based class of hers. Being in East Hamptons for the day, I was excited to share her sweat experience!

I’m going to begin by saying that Tiffany (my ridiculously fit instructor), made the class pass all too quickly. How did you possibility make 50 mins fly by in a blink of an eye! It could have been the pumping beats or the unique jiving with bands from the ceiling. The combo of all the T.A. elements had me waiting for the next accessory muscle I was going to sculpt.

Fresh white interior, thera bands, mats and mirrors circling the entire four walls – you can imagine the anticipation racing through my body. Needless to say, I was one of 4 new members to the class! Completely fixated on our instructor Tiffany (as the class had no vocal cues) it was important to stay abreast of her long lean movements. The focus of the class was toning of the legs and butt! (errkkkkk, when does the female form not need some leg attention!) Small, isometric movements in similar disciplines like Bar Method, were coupled with floor core twisting exercises. This was chiseling my beach body for the planned afternoon of Moby’s drinks and a Coopers Beach frolic.

The beats there blaring with floor vibrating and walls humming. Often so much that you could not hear any slight adjustments the instructor had to give. Although infrequent, I do see it as necessary to hear the corrections.

It was more than a workout – it was an uplifting start to the day. A win of the day was learning that T.A. NYC location in Tribeca offers drop in classes for non-members! This being the case, I’m going to prep my moves with Beyonce to head to a cardio dance class. Not my natural skill, but if life was meant to be safe it would be ‘oh so boring!’.

Living between NY and suitcases, I make my own rules on how I like to sweat; always fun, challenging and rewarding. Like a love story when the same values align and you know you have something magical – Tracy Anderson you were great!


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