Trailblazer – Lyons Club

She needs no introduction, Bethany Lyons is a pioneer of the NY fitness circle.

Introduced by coincidence after a long day shooting in Tribeca, I was walking home with my head in the clouds and stumbled upon Bethany’s studio. I quickly found myself signing up for the sweaty Lyons Den power class!

Within 10 minutes I could see the ‘ X” factor to this studio. I knew I was getting ‘more’ out of my yoga than I ever had before. It all came down to the supportive, uplifting and inspiring coaching and demeanor Bethany Lyons resonates. Whenever I am there I feel the clientele are beaming with positive vibes – this energy and ora is infectious.

Bethany runs a tight ship and her class is no joke! As a fit bee myself, I still leave Bethany’s class with half a body. A day after a session I feel I am ‘walking on air’, often still buzzing from the class.

Bethany knows how to inspire the sweat – coupling her vibrant yoga studio she also Soulcycle instructs – what a woman!  With a body to take a second look at, you know this lady knows what she’s talking about.

Bethany is a huge inspiration to me – being approachable, successful and admired by all. Painting her vision one stroke at a time, her way of thinking is contagious – once you catch on, you mind is open to a new realm of possibilities.

Think no more – stop reading the post and simply sign up, and show up for some mind and body rejuvenation.

Lyons Dens is a Tribeca star and a NYC gem.


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