Training With Me by guest writer Ryan Welsh

“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion”

– Michael Jordan

Name: Ryan Welsh
Origin: From the Princeton, NJ area where I grew up playing football and basketball. Attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia, where I captained the football team. After graduating with a finance degree I moved to New York where I have lived for the last 6 years. Since living in New York, I have remained pretty active for the most part, and started running marathons approx. 2 years ago as a new athletic endeavor. Currently I am training for the Boston Marathon, which is in April.
Profession: Financial Services/Corporate Banking
1. What do you like most about training with Alex?
 – Before training with Alex, I felt like I was in pretty good shape. I was running distance races and lifting weights a few days a week, but my training began feeling stagnant and I didn’t feel like I was making much progress or significant gains anymore. Alex completely changed that for me a few months ago and began to take my overall full body fitness to the next level by focusing on areas where I needed to improve. Her training has really helped me differentiate the way I look at working out and improving my overall wellness. Without a doubt, the work I have put in with her has made me a better all around athlete and has made me feel like I’m making consistent strides towards feeling the best i’ve ever felt physically.
2. Describe her style of training
– To me Alex’s style of training is a unique mix of cardio, core/stability work, pilates exercises, and a focus on strengthening/toning muscles that I traditionally overlooked. What’s great though is no workout is exactly the same. She designs and tailors our weekly training towards what we believe I need to improve upon; or in my case, what might supplement making me a stronger distance runner. She has also been very helpful in improving my nutrition and my recovery after a hard workout which has helped the running that I do outside of our workouts.
3. What have you learnt most about working with Alex
– I think my biggest takeaway is that working out consistently and overall wellness is really a lifestyle choice. Outside of our day jobs, we all have precious free hours where it is completely up to us to decide what we’d like to do. And from spending time with Alex I’ve seen and learned how a positive attitude, a consistent health conscious approach to eating, and a good daily workout can all go such a long way in creating a lifestyle where you’re happy every single day, and more ready mentally to tackle whatever your other passions are.
4. Least favourite move/session
– Whenever the bands come out, I know it is going to be a tough session for me. As a 6’2″ male, I’m not super flexible compared to some other people, and prior to working with Alex I hadn’t really done isometric exercises that work my glutes, hamstrings, and hips like high reps with the bands do. Being a former football player, I had been used to doing things like heavy weight back squats or dead lifts to try to increase my leg strength. But at this point in my life, even though the bands are a killer for me, I feel like it’s a much better move for strengthening and toning those specific leg muscles.
5. Who would you recommend the method to be for
– In my opinion Alex can really help a full range of individuals that want to make fitness more a part of their daily or weekly routine. Whether it’s someone that just wants to start working out and is looking for a foundation of where to begin, or it’s someone that already consistently works out but would like to differentiate their training to take their full body fitness to the next level, I feel like Alex can tailor the work outs to help so many people live a healthier, more positive lifestyle.

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