Unexpected places to work-out in NYC

You’ll never be bored with your work-out again

Running to a sample sale before its over counts as a core workout, right? Maybe in an alternative universe but working out should be a perfect combination of challenging, fulfilling, and refreshingly fun. Check out these optimal places to exercise that make New York City look even cooler than in the movies.

From Manhattan to Brooklyn:

Central Park Ravine

Enter at the entrance of 110th and Central Park North, lays cascades, branches, and arches that make you feel like you’re in New Jersey. Located by the rocks at the Laser Rink on West 100th street is the Ravine accompanied by a small stream that makes jogging peaceful.

unexpected places to workout in nyc

Lean your back against the cascade, clasp your hands together, lift one leg straight in front of you, and gently bend your other knee as you go down. Switch! Don’t forget to keep your body engaged and slow down on the drop to increase resistance.


METS steps

Walking up the steps is a daily routine for many New Yorkers but using stairs in your workout improves your upper and lower body strength, and reduces cholesterol.


This routine requires no equipment, is a type of conditioning that you need to do in succession, and at a moderate pace. ‘Get your steps in’ with brisk climbing, broad jumps, lunges, and squats. 

Brooklyn Bridge

Once upon a time, the Brooklyn Bridge used to be the longest suspension bridge in history. Test your limits, by starting off on either side of the bridge (Manhattan or Brooklyn), and add a weighted vest to concentrate your upper body.

Going across the Brooklyn Bridge is a test of endurance, and what better way to make gains than with a weighted vest. After the first hurdle of getting onto the ramp of the bridge, find a bench. Keep one leg at 90 degrees while the other is gently extended on the ground. Do eight dips and then switch sides.


Don’t forget to keep our body aligned, this is a strength building exercise.


Far Rockaway Beach Streets

The riptides at Rockaway could be harsh but try the surfer get ups.

By starting in a low plank, with your hands secured under your shoulders, do a push up, and jump into a squat position with your one leg in front of the other. Easier than balancing on a surf board? Debatable.


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