VMV Hypoallergenic’s

The safest, most proven effective care on the planet.

Here’s a fun fact:

As much as 50% of UV light can get to you through windows and accidental exposure (when crossing the street, from reflective surfaces, etc.). As long as there’s light, there is potential for damage. Besides dark spots from indoor light, this is another reason for daily protection: you may not realize just how much sunlight you’re getting!

So why should you use Armada?

Armada Indoor Outdoor Skin Cover 30 will set you back $50.00USD, but don’t let the price discourage you. This cream has powerful protection against indoor and outdoor UVA, UVB, Infrared & Visible rays and light from the sun, indoor lights and heat sources.

Basically, it’s your saviour!

Armada allows skin to brighten naturally, and aids skin that is photosensitive, recovering from some procedures, or undergoing active therapies. Armada also holds calming and moisturizing monoglycerides and antioxidants. Not only should it be worn during sun-intensive activities but daily for best results.

This VMV Yacht Bag will also set you back only $10.00USD, and is a roomy drawstring duffel when opened. Able to fit in all my beach goodies. Once rolled up, it spans the size of a large travel umbrella for easy storage, and has a separate zippered bottom compartment for shoes, wet clothes, or laundry.

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