#WCW Alex Kate Knight | Wellness Guru and Entrepreneur

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What is your hometown?
Melbourne Australia
What are the biggest challenges of the work that you do?
Just keeping up with myself! I have so much passion and excitement for what I do, but I need 6 hands and 8 days a week to do it all. I always think big!

What advice could you give on finding a healthy work-life balance?
I work with a lot of my clients on this question. I begin by saying, “write down all the things that make you happy as a person.” Then we work this into a weekly or monthly diary. We need to feel inspired every day and this doesn’t happen by working out all the time or only holidaying, you need balance.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from a mentor?
“Anything is possible with self-belief.”
What is your process when approaching your creative work?
To completely be in the headspace! When I’m in my creative mindset, I can’t go from admin work, to business work and then to creative work. I dedicate time to be creative only, as the creative side of the brain is completely different from the business side of the brain. I feel I get the best from both when I keep them separate.

When do you feel most empowered?
When I’m working out! Being physical makes me not only happy, but it provides me with the endorphins I need to feel like I can conquer anything.

Where do you go in NYC to unwind?
This is a hard one as NYC doesn’t encourage winding down. But I love to go for walks on the West Side Highway, or simply sit near the water when I feel I need space.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure (life’s all about balance after all!)?
I have quite a lot of guilty pleasures! If we’re talking food, it’s all things gelato. If we’re talking shopping, it’s all things summer. If we’re talking travel it’s all things South of France!
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