What was unreal about NOLA

Living in the USA, I’m ticking off “ my destination must visit” list, New Orleans was on it (#NOLA); in the heart of the heat.


I had found myself heading to Louisiana, well lets be frank if Solange is putting this place on the map, I had to be apart of itBesides the muggy weather I was still enchanted by the fern lined streets and charming colored walls, “ down south”.

Reside to the fact that you will be consuming a shaved ice per day. What is shaved ice… don’t think you much about it like I did, this NOLA dessert obsession is merely as it sounds cute little cup a heaped of shaved ice drowned in colorful flavor syrup. Its legit Shaved Ice!! After I sniffed out a business that has natural flavours that are boom diggity delicious I didn’t look back. I nestled into Hansen’s Sno-Biz, and added the geotag to my collection!

“To get to New Orleans you don’t pass through anywhere else. That geographical location, being aloof, lets it hold onto the ritual of its own pace more than other places that have to keep up with the progress.” – Allen Toussaint, Musician

The Ace hotel is a fern lined rooftop. The beautiful location captured the elevated view of this multi-cultured tourist haven. Not far from my luxurious room at the Ace was the French quarter. Let me confirm it is exactly as it seems on Pinterest but better.

Traveling with my trendsetting lady bug Dara who is the founder of the incredibly beautiful collection at Preston and Olivia, I was totally in good hands to know where I can get a good sweat in. Although Dara is the most chic, she is also as mean as a beast when it comes to working out. She threw me a challenge this time though, to try City Surf. Even though there was no ocean seen in sight, I was riding a wave to trim and tone.

As an Australian than grew up literally in the ocean on a surf board, I do have to say I went in with some hesitation’s to trying City Surf. However after an awkward start and a lot of giggling, I got the hang of it. Biomechanically I’m not convinced it was the best workout for alignment and functionally, yet needless to say I had a blast, and Dara was my new ‘ Gidget goes to Hawaii’ girl crush….. ( if you haven’t seen this movie, do it).

Magazine Street is a melting pot. So with no agenda simply wander and discover the charm of down south. It was on these strolls, that we stumbled across Juice NOLA , not just a juicery, the kitchen has lunch and treats to salivate for. Have you ever tried a raw donut before???????

Keep reading I’m sharing this dessert-changing recipe with you.

Where possible and in appropriate seasons like Spring and Summer I focus a lot on nourishing my body with live food, and fortunately for me this is Juice Nola’s mantra too.

Delivering scrumptious cold press juices to satisfy any dehydrated Australian’s tongue, and a mineral rich and wholesome display of prepared lunches, including raw tacos, pesto zucchini noodles and killer nut Caesar salad.

New Orleans is a fascinating city to visit; it’s a crossroad of culture and diversity. From food, music and culture this place will easy fill in a long weekend trip for you just pick your timing right. If you are a born and bred beach bum like myself, the humidity of August wont affect you to much, but if you prefer to lose less bodily fluids while exploring choose late April for the energizing Jazz Festival!


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