What’s Your Fitness Obsession?

Being a girl on the go my interests, hobbies and fitness obsessions change weekly. I’m always asked, “what is your workout plan?” Where I can never respond because I have so many! I never stick to a set routine. Constantly mixing it up uses different major and accessory muscles, and as a result decreases any muscle memory and producing an all rounded, toned body – which is exactly what I’m looking for.

If I’m planning my workouts, I make sure I fit at least 4-5 sessions in a week. This varies in a range of cardiovascular efforts, yoga wine downs and high energy sweat fests. Right now I’m crushing on Barry’s Bootcamp, SLT and self workouts with resistance bands. What I really want to try this week, is a Muay Thai class! All I need is to build a little bit of courage… and to tumble turn in the pool – yes this is still a skill I need to master! So, back to you! What is your fitness obsession at the moment?



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